Corporate profile

Founded in 1991, Amtrans Corporation is a renowned manufacturer and seller of premium audio components. All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured by us in Japan, and are delivered to high-end audio brands worldwide. We believe our small component makes a difference and empowers sound quality. We also operate a pro-audio shop in Tokyo for audiophiles from every generation and country.
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Our prducts

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Metal oxide film resistors for wide range of applications.
Premium resistors with gold plated OFC lead wire.

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Premium capacitors with gold plated OFC lead wire. Different taste of sounds by models. All the models are made in Japan.

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Wiring Materials


Gold plated OFC wire without nickel base coating for wide range of applications from pro audio to medical use. Made in Japan.

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Amtrans original sockets made of alumina lowers the increase of tube temperature and extend the life of tube 1.5 times longer.

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