Founded in 1991, Amtrans Corporation is a renowned manufacturer and seller of premium audio components. All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured by us in Japan, and are delivered to high-end audio brands worldwide. We believe our small component makes a difference and empowers sound quality. We also operate a pro-audio shop in Tokyo for audiophiles from every generation and country.


Located in the middle of Tokyo, Japan. Our headquater office has function of R&D, Sales & Marketing, Import and Export, and eCommerce operation.

■Pro audio shop

Headquater runs a pro audio shop on 1st floor from Monday to Saturday where audiophile will find variety of our own premium audio components such as resistors, capacitors, gold plated OFC wires, tube sockets and attenuators. Other selected products, Lundahl transformers, Markaudio speakers, Dedrik de Geer microphones, specially customized Elekit tube ampliers, new and vintage electron tubes and more, are for sale.

■ Factory

The factory has a history of manufacturing electonic components over 40 years, and was merged by Amtrans in April 2006.  It is located at Ina City, Nagano, Japan, where is surrounded by Japan Alps mountains and filled with plenty of beautiful nature. We boast of flexible production with quality to suit customer’s requirement for “small lot”, “quick delivery” and “customize”, as well as large scale production.

Corporate Philosophy

Unique & Ultimate

■Honesty & Fairness

to be honest and fair to everyone

■Continuity & Sustainability

to be continuous and sustainable entity


keep on providing premium audio components and equipment bringing the high quality of sound

■ Hope

contribute to create hope for future, peace and harmoney of mind through the real sound

Corporate Profile

■ Company Name : Amtrans Corporation

■ Establishment : 1991

■ Capital : \10 Millions

■ Number of Employees : 19

■Board of Directors :
Founder, CEO, Masaaki Kusanagi (Mr.)
Executive Director, Akiko Kusanagi (Mrs.)

■Banking Relationship :
Kanda-Ekimae branch, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Kanda-Chuo branch, Kiraboshi Bank
Minami-Minowa branch, Alupuschuo Shinkin Bank

■Offices :

Bandai-Bld. 2F, 2-10-14 Kanda-Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0063, Japan
Phone : +81-3-5294-0301

Pro Audio Shop:
Bandai-Bld. 2F, 2-10-14 Kanda-Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0063, Japan
Phone : +81-3-5294-0301

284-2 Minami-Minowa-Mura, Ina County, Nagano 399-4511, Japan
Phone: +81-265-77-5301

■Main Business

Design, development, manufacturing and sale of electronic components(resistors,capacitors, sockets, wires)
Import, export and sale of electronic components, electron tubes and high-end audion equipemts
Design, development, manufacturing and sale of audio equipments
Import, sale and rent of professional microphones

■ Main Customers

=== Worldwide ===  (alphabetical order)
D&M Holdings, Inc. (Denon, Marantz)(Japan)
Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.(Japan)
Hi-Fi Collective (UK)
Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd.(Japan)
Kyodo Denshi Engineering Co., Ltd.(Japan)
Luxman Corporation(Japan)
Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation(Japan)
Panasonic Corporation(Japan)
Parts Connexion (Canada)
ioneer Corporation(Japan)
Yamaha Corporation(Japan)

=== Distribution ===  (alphabetical order)
G.I.P Laboratory (Japan): Distributor in Japan
Essues (Taiwan): Distributor in Japan
JJ Electronic S.R.O (Slovakia): Distributor in Japan
Lundahl Transformers AB (Sweden) : Distributor in Japan
New Sensor(USA) : Distributor in Japan
Psvane (China): Distributor in Japan
Takatsuki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan): Distributor worldwide
New Sensor Corporation (America): Distributor in Japan


■ 1991

Amtrans Limited is established at Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan and starts to import and sale of electron tubes.

■ 1995

Open retail store in Akihabara, Tokyo.

■ 2002

Open new headquater at Awaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open pro audio shop

■ 2004

The company name is changed to Amtrans Corporation
Release carbon film resistors.

■ 2005

Awarded as “Management Innovation Plan Approval Company” based on SME business activity act in Japan. Release copper foil capacitors.

■ 2006

Merge Ina factory, Nagano, Japan, and start manufacturing carbon film resistors and metal oxide film resistors.

■ 2007

Release metal oxide film resistor for audio “AMRA”.

■ 2008

Expand a retail store in Akihabara.
Release premium carbon film resistor “AMRG”.

■ 2012

Release copper foil oil capacitor “AMCA” (manufactured by Arizona Capacitors Inc., USA).
Release film capacitor for audio power supply unit “AMCB”.
Release gold plated OFC wire without nickel ground.

■ 2013

Release L-pad attenuator kit “ATLL-K”.

■ 2013

Release copper foil oil capacitor “AMCY – Golden Black”.

■ 2014

Release L-pad stereo/monoral attenuator “SAT Series”.

■ 2016

Release film capacitor “AMCB Type-II”.

■ 2018

Release premium carbon resistor “AMRT”.

■ 2021

Release tube socket made of alumina “S7-Am-PG”.
Release composite wirewound/carbon resistor “AMRW”.

Amtrans Corporation+81-3-5294-0301Business hours(Japan time) 10:00am-6:00pm *closed on Sunday & Holidays